Poster Printing

Poster Printing Services

The poster printing facility is operated by the College of Engineering's Technical Support Services (TSS) group.  All posters are to be submitted electronically via this website (See Below).

Poster printing is available free of charge for College of Engineering (COE) faculty, staff and students for the following approved purposes:

  • Internal and external research-related events (open-houses, symposia, conferences, etc.)
  • COE-REU symposia
  • Other selected activities that are research-oriented
  • COE student societies events (limited to one or two posters per event)
  • Senior capstone design course special events
  • Printing specifically related to general coursework is not allowed through the free college service.

When a poster is submitted for printing, a faculty contact name must be provided.

Printing is available in widths of 24 inches, 36 inches or 42 inches and variable length.

Finished posters will be available for pick-up inside ENB 110.

Requirements (NO Exceptions)

  1. SAME DAY submissions will NOT be accepted, NO exceptions.
  2. Only ONE (1) copy of the poster will be printed.
  3. Posters must be submitted in PDF format. Visit the How to convert poster to PDF page for instructions on how to convert your poster to PDF.
  4. Posters must be to scale as no resizing of posters will be done by the printing staff.
  5. Only final posters will be accepted. Draft copies will not be accepted.
  6. Posters must have a predominately white background. Solid backgrounds that cover the whole poster will not be permitted. For examples, view posters that are hung up in the second and third floor hallways of ENB.
  7. One of the poster dimensions must be 24, 36 or 42 inches (plotter paper comes only in these sizes) or trimming will have to be done by the individual or an offsite location for non standard paper sizes at their own expense.
  8. Posters will generally be ready within 24 business hours of submission. However, please allow at least 48 business hours (or more if a large COE research event is coming up) for poster printing. If you need the poster faster than this, please visit this site for suggested retailers who will be happy to print the poster quickly for you.
  9. Poster printing is not done during the weekends or official USF holidays.
  10. Poster printouts will not be done on the actual day of the event that corresponds to the poster. These posters must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines above.
  11. The individual will be notified via email upon completion of poster printing.

Poster Templates

Standard 36" x 24" Template

Standard 36" x 24" Template with Footer