Frequently Asked Questions

Poster Printing

Q: Who will posters be printed for?
Posters will be printed for College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students for approved purposes including Internal and external research events (Research Day or conferences), REU symposia, and Senior capstone design events.
Q: What size poster can be printed?
The typical poster is 36" x 24", especially for internal USF events (Research Day, Senior capstone). For research conferences, the size is variable as long as one of the poster dimensions is 24", 36", or 42".
Q: How fast can I expect to pick up the poster?
Posters will generally be printing within 48 business hours of submission with longer lead times possible during high volume periods (i.e. Research Day or REU symposia). Same day submission will NOT be accepted. If the poster is required prior to the 48 business hour timeframe, please have the poster printed elsewhere.
Q: Can I have a draft or 2nd copy printed?
No. Only one (1) copy will be printed.
Q: What file format is required?
PDF format is required as PDF is a WYSIWYG format. For instructions for converting your poster to PDF, please go here.

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

Q: What 3D printing technology is available?
  1. Plastic deposition via Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology on a Dimension sst-768
  2. High Performance Composite powder/binder technology on a ZPrinter 450.
Q: Is it free? How do I pay?
Unfortunately, 3D printing is too expensive for the College to offer for free. General "rule of thumb" cost estimates can be found in the Cost Estimate section of the rapid prototyping page.
Q: How to I submit a job to be printed?
We are currently working on a web submission system. Until that is completed, please follow the instructions in the Procedure section of the rapid prototyping page and email the STL files to us at