Mike Konrad - Research Engineer

Mike Konrad is 51 years old and has worked at USF for over 21 years in various departments (Physics, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and now with Engineering Technical Support). Mike have held positions as an Engineering Technician, Senior Engineering and am presently employed as a Research Engineer. I have been married to my beautiful wife for over 30 years, have 3 grown sons and serve on the board of elders at his church (The Life Quest).

Mike's educational background is a mix of management, computers and electronics. He possesses an FCC Radiotelephone Operators License, and operated an electronic repair and cabling business along with a partner in the 1990’s. His major skills are in the area of electronic/mechanical repair. With an above average ability to problem solve failures in a variety of systems, Mike can work with a wide sampling of tools and am a proficient in soldering electronic circuits. His management training and Christian background has helped him be able to work with just about anyone to get the job done. Mike believes the answer to affectively solving problems is not found in being able to do everything yourself but in knowing who to call on who has the skills help.